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Labour’s Red Wall Turned Blue

The Labour party’s ‘red wall’ is now blue Labour’s red wall, the set of constituencies mainly in the Midlands, Northern England and North East Wales turned blue during the 2019 general election. Redcar was the largest Labour majority overturned by the Conservatives with Jacob Young MP winning with a majority of 3,527.An assignment for Helsingin...

General Election 2019 Edinburgh

General Election 2019 Edinburgh An assignment for Dagens Nyheter covering ‘The Count’ in Edinburgh which stared in the evening with the first votes being counted by hundreds of vote counters in a vast hanger at the Ingliston Royal Highland Showground. The evening ended in the early hours at a SNP Election Night Party at the...

General Election 2019 St Andrews

General Election 2019 St Andrews An assignment for Dagens Nyheter in St Andrews, Scotland on the day of the General Election. We visited the North East Fife constituency of St Andrews and spoke with people on how they had just voted. In most of the UK the choice stands between the Conservatives & Labour, here...

General Election 2019 Grimsby

General Election 2019 Grimsby The key for a Conservative majority in today’s General Election is to win in the Labour ‘Red Wall’ the some 50 constituencies in the Midlands & Northern England that stretch from the West to East coast and that have nearly always voted Labour. On assignment for Dagens Nyheter we visited Great...

General Election 2019 Workington Man

General Election 2019 Workington Man A think tank identified identified ‘Workington Man’ as a stereotypical swing voter – an older white man who votes Labour but also voted for Brexit, to leave the EU. This crucial group of voters in the ‘Labour Heartlands’ of northern England is the Conservatives new target voter, and could be...

General Election 2017 Emma Dent Coad

General Election 2017 Emma Dent Coad The results of the General Election gave Kensington a Labour MP in a Conservative stronghold. Emma Dent Coad’s win came after three recounts and with a majority of just 20 votes over former Conservative deputy London Mayor Victoria Borwick. On assignment for Dagens Nyheter We met a happy, yet...

General Election 2017 – Canterbury Votes Labour

General Election 2017 – Canterbury Votes Labour An assignment for Dagens Nyheter in Canterbury where Labour won the seat held by the Tories for 100 years. Rosie Duffield (Lab) 25,572 Sir Julian Brazier (Con) 25,385. The last time the Tories lost the seat was to Whig politician John Baker, who took it for the second...

General Election 2017 – Conservative Campaign

General Election 2017 – Conservatives An assignment for Dagens Nyheter to follow the Conservative campaign in Ilford North, London just 2 days before the General Election. We met with returning Tory candidate Lee Scott and the campaign staff and we followed a team door knocking in Ilford.

General Election 2017 – Labour Campaign

General Election 2017 – Labour Campaign This was an interesting assignment for Dagens Nyheter that took us to Saltburn-by-the Sea, Guisborough and York. In York Jeremy Corbyn gave a speech at the Innovation Centre where there was a lot of interest to meet him and not everyone could get into the full venue and had...

General Election 2017 Young Voters

General Election 2017 Young Voters An interesting assignment for Dagens Nyheter to interview young voters under the age of 30 in the run up to the General Election on June 8th. The interviewees were photographed in Eton, Bristol & Wootton Bassett.

Northern Ireland Assembly Election

Northern Ireland Assembly Election A recent trip to Belfast in the run up to the Northern Ireland Assembly Election to photograph the former Lord Mayor of Belfast Nichola Mallon who has been chosen as the Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP) North Belfast candidate – and students at the Ulster University Belfast.

Stoke-on-Trent Central by-election

Stoke-on-Trent Central by-election A reportage for Dagens Nyheter about the Stoke-on-Trent Central by-election 2 days before the polling day. We followed one of the many canvassing teams from UKIP out door knocking and we attended a Labour meeting held by Gareth Snell who was supported by the visiting John McDonnell, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn On assignment for Helsingin Sanomat we travelled down to Southampton to meet Corbyn who is on his Labour Party leadership campaign trail. The Labour favourite hosted a rally and filled the 750 capacity hall at the Ageas Bowl. Jeremy Corbyn may have entered the Labour leadership race as an outsider at 100/1, but...

Editorial Photographer In London

Editorial Photographer in London One of the most rewarding things about working as an Editorial Photographer is the diversity of the assignments. Last week was no exception with assignments in 3 counties all about the run up to the General Election. Bedford, Bedfordshire. The above image taken for Helsingin Sanomat illustrated the interview of local...

General Election 2015

General Election 2015 I recently completed a 5 day reportage trip around Britain for Sweden’s largest daily morning newspaper Dagens Nyheter together with their London correspondent Pia Gripenberg. Brighton – The Green Party We went to the Hanover the Green heartland area in Brighton affectionately known as ‘Muesli Mountain’ and spoke with local residents about...

Brighton and Hove Green Party

Brighton and Hove Green Party National support for the Green Party has surged in recent weeks, with a number of polls placing them on 10% or more of the vote. Media attention is on the Greens stronghold Brighton and Hove which has both Britain’s only Green MP Caroline Lucas and since 2011 a local Green...

Douglas Carswell UKIP

Douglas Carswell UKIP 2 days before the Clacton-on-Sea by-election we visited the seaside town to do a story about Douglas Carswell who remains the odds-on favourite to win today’s poll triggered by his defection from the Conservative Party to UKIP. We arrived at UKIP’s Clacton headquarters just as Douglas Carswell also arrived shaking hands with...

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