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Corporate Headshots Office Background
Corporate Headshots Office Background
Headshots Office Background
Headshots Office Background

Corporate Headshot Photography

We can take your corporate headshots using your own office setting as the backdrop, this style of corporate headshot photography works well if you are looking for informal images that capture your team in their own working environment.

The ambiance of your office surroundings can be utilised in how you wish to be portrayed, if you have a creative work space we can use that atmosphere for informal more approachable images.

There is a growing trend for companies to have their headshots taken with an office background. The feedback we have received is that these images have a more natural, friendly and approachable feel compared to those with the traditional white background.


Corporate Headshots with an Office background

We can photograph up to 50 staff headshots in one day.
Headshots taken using your office environment.
Professional mobile lighting studio.
We are a team of 4 Professional Corporate Photographers.
You will receive 2 variations per person.
Professional service.
Fast delivery of the images by file transfer download.
All inclusive pricing.


Would you like some images taken of your office environment?

As we are already at your office photographing your headshots you can if you wish add on some office environment photography where we would take candid images of your your team at work such as at meetings, at work, in discussion etc – read about our Office Photography


Corporate Headshot or Portrait?

We explain the difference between a Corporate Headshot and a Corporate Portrait.

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