Corporate Headshots Film

Please watch our short film that shows how we can easily and conveniently photograph your Corporate Headshots and add a custom background.

Corporate Headshots

Corporate Headshots with a Custom Background

We are specialists in taking corporate headshots that allow you to have your headshot images seamlessly superimposed onto different backgrounds.

All the images are taken conveniently at your own offices with the minimum of disruption. Your chosen images can also be used as a half or full figure portraits incorporated into a composite team or group shot.

Corporate Headshots

Headshots On Coloured Backgrounds

We are able to produce your corporate headshots against any of the hundreds of background colours available from Pantone® or HEX colours. We can also match the colours in your logo or we can use a graphic of your choice.

Corporate Headshots

Composite Corporate Headshot & Portrait Images

Our client required headshots & portrait images of their sales team taken in front of their product range. We only had a couple of sample bottles to use so we photographed those separately and created a background in Photoshop showing a large range of products and in a colour scheme that matched the companies profile. We then photographed the sales team at their office in a bespoke lighting set up that then enabled us superimpose them seamlessly over the out of focus background.

Corporate Headshots

Composite Corporate Headshots & Portrait Images

Our client required new images for their press releases, marketing & PR. The brief was to photograph and deliver headshots with a neutral white background and with some staff to have their portraits taken in a recording studio environment.
On the day of the shoot the headshots went well but unfortunately due to building works it was impractical to use the recording studio so we photographed the studio separately and in our post production we were then able to superimpose the portraits into the recording studio image.

Corporate Headshots

Composite Corporate Portrait Images

Our client wished for images of their large legal team to be taken against various London landmarks taken at night.
To try and schedule the diaries of their busy team was deemed to be to difficult so we came up with a solution. We photographed the team during working hours on 3 different occasions at their offices and we photographed the night-time London scenes separately. By photographing the team with a custom studio lighting set up we were then able to match the evening lighting and to superimpose them into the London scenes.
Corporate Headshots London

Corporate Headshots

Composite Corporate Group & Team Shots

The people in the above 2 group photographs are not taken at the same time, they are taken on different occasions at our clients offices.
We can carefully constructed composite images using half figure portraits taken after we have photographed their headshots. There is a tremendous benefit of photographing a group picture in this way and that is when a new staff member joins or when someone leaves the company we can add or take away an individual from the image without the need for the others to be photographed again..
More samples of our Composite Corporate Group Photos


Key Benefits of assigning Earthy Photography for your customised background Corporate Headshots & Group Pictures

  Professional mobile lighting studio.
  We are a team of 4 Professional Corporate Photographers.
  We come to your offices timing to your schedule.
  No longer a need to organise multiple visits to a photographers studio.
  No disruption to the running of your office.
  We can photograph up to 30 custom corporate headshots in one day.
  Your Corporate Headshots can also be used in group & team photo’s.
  Group pictures that are created so individuals can be added or taken out of the picture.
  We can produce Group Pictures that show individuals in different team groups or departments.
  Group pictures that are created so you can choose your own background colour, graphic or image.