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Corporate Headshots Film

Please watch our short film that shows how we can easily and conveniently photograph your Corporate Headshots.

Corporate Headshots with a Custom Background

We are specialists in taking corporate headshots that allow you to have your headshot images seamlessly superimposed onto different backgrounds.

All the images are taken conveniently at your own offices with the minimum of disruption. Your chosen images can also be used as a half or full figure portraits incorporated into a composite team or group shot.


During the photo shoot we take approximately 20 images per person which will be available for you to view in your own password protected gallery on our website. We have a very user friendly online system where you can make the 2 image choices per person from all those taken on the photo shoot.

Headshots On Coloured Backgrounds

A sample image showing how we are able to produce your corporate headshots against any of the hundreds of background colours available from Pantone® or HEX colours. We can also match the colours in your logo or we can use a graphic of your choice.

Headshots on office backgrounds - a growing trend

Sample images showing how we can produce your headshot images using your own office as background. The headshots and your office background are taken separately and then merged together in a composite image. At Earthy Photography we have the required high skill set to do this.


Why do we do it this way? - by photographing the background separately your images will always be consistent. Had we not done it this way the light falling on the background would have changed all the time according to the time of day, outside weather conditions or season and the results would not have been uniform.


After we have photographed the headshots we will then separately photograph the offices and you can then pick which headshot is to be superimposed on which office background. We can return to your company and photograph your new employee's at anytime of the day during the year and you will know that the results will always be the same.

Your Headshots In 6 Easy Stages

1 - The Planning

We will discuss your requirements & wishes and book a date & time for when it is convenient for you & your team.

2 - We Come To Your Offices

We will come to your offices and set up a professional mobile studio, we have studio's that cater for all office sizes.

3 - The Photo Shoot

We have a team of 4 experienced professional headshot photographers who in their friendly manner know how to get the best results on the day.

4 - Choose Your Images

All the images from the photo shoot can be conveniently viewed and chosen in your own online password protected gallery.

5 - The Post Production

Your chosen images will be put into our post production where each image will be individually colour adjusted and corrected.

6 - Your Images Are Ready!

After the post production your edited high-resolution images will be made available for you to conveniently download online.

We can do more!

As we are already at your offices photographing your headshots we can also photograph your staff in 3/4 length portraits and from those images we can make different team or group images.

Composite Corporate Group & Team Shots

All the people in the above group image were not photographed at the same time, they were all photographed separately and then merged together in a composite group image.


We can carefully constructed composite images using the 3/4 length portraits taken after we have photographed their headshots. There is a tremendous benefit of photographing a group picture in this way and that is when a new staff member joins or should someone leaves the company we can add or take away an individual from the image without the need for the others to be photographed again. More samples of our Composite Corporate Group Photos

Pats On The Back

We pride ourselves in providing an excellent customer service, our clients think we do just that and kindly leave us nice testimonials .

Competitive Pricing

We have competitive pricing for both headshots & composite group images. Please contact us today to receive our all inclusive custom background price list.

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