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Corporate Portraits London

Corporate Portraits London

Unlike our corporate headshot photography our corporate & business portraiture is photographed as a personal photo session and can be taken individually or in groups.

Corporate Portraits London
Corporate Portraits

Corporate Portraits On Location in London

We can take your corporate portraits on-location (indoors or outdoors) close to your offices or in central London. We would find a setting with a suitable pleasing background that would enhance your portraits.


CASE STUDY : Voltaire Financial

Our client Voltaire Financial based in Mayfair wished for images taken with a Mayfair background for their new website. The choice fell to photographing the directors and staff on the streets with a diffused background showing the distinctive red brickwork found on many Mayfair buildings (such as Claridges). They received a nice selection of portraits & headshots taken at 3 different locations, we even took some casual images of them walking in the streets.

CASE STUDY : Visa Europe Collab

A nice creative assignment for Visa Europe Collab. The brief was to capture headshots & portraits of the 21 team members outdoors in Shoreditch where they have their offices. The images were to have backgrounds that incorporated both colour and textures … images with a Shoreditch feel to them. Following a planing meeting we scouted some locations around Shoreditch and then the photography took place over 3 separate visits. It worked well, I photographed groups of 3 people on shoots lasting 1 hour each and we used 3-4 different backgrounds on each shoot which gave plenty of variations for each person.

CASE STUDY : Verbalisation

This was an interesting fun assignment for our client Verbalisation who are based in Whitehall just a stone’s throw from Trafalgar Square. For their new website launch they required new corporate portraits of their 20 staff.

They wished for images that reflected their company profile & branding and that would also blend well with their new website. Following a consultation we decided to photograph the images on-location around Whitehall using the stonework found on most Whitehall buildings as the background with each staff member wearing brightly coloured clothing – it worked very well.

We met groups of 4 staff at a time and together we walked to 4 Whitehall locations where we took a mixture of headshots and ½ figure portraits giving each staff member a final collection of around 30 images each enabling them to have a rich mixture of images for other purposes such as PR, newsletters, media portraits & press releases. A total of 1,593 images were taken over the 2 day shoot.


Our client BDQ re quired some headshots & portraits of their team and wished for some images that they could use with their public relations & presentations. Rather than have headshot images taken against a standard white background they wished for more approachable informal images taken in a street environment.

Following a consultation we decided to photograph the images on-location around Paddington which was convenient for everyone’s commute. They received a nice selection of portraits & headshots taken at 4 different locations.

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