Editorial Filming

We have the knowledge & experience of producing editorial films for newspaper & magazine online editions. Our equipment includes 4k & HD cameras, on-location led lighting & wireless hand held & lapel microphones. We can produce engaging editorial video with 1 or 2 camera edits.
Dismaland Bemusement Park
The above film is from Dismaland a sinister twist on Disneyland a temporary art project organised by Banksy, constructed in the seaside resort town of Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.
I visited Dismaland 3 times during the brief 36 days it was open during August-September in 2015 ... each visit was better than the last. Two of the visits were assignments for Swedens's largest morning newspaper Dagens Nyheter  & Finland's largest newspaper Helsingin Sanomat - blog post.

Facebook Live

Using the new Osmo Mobile 2 we can produce smooth and professional video and stream your editorial stories & interviews directly to your Facebook Live, YouTube or Periscope feed which can be seen live by all your followers.
In our field experience the 720p HD resolution is excellent for live streams and in particular where WiFi & 4G mobile reception is not available and you are reliant on 3G or even 2G. The audio is captured by using a wireless handheld microphone - or with a wireless lapel microphone if required.


The use of a wireless microphone will significantly improve the quality of a live stream – as we can now follow a reporter (up to 100m) without the hassles of a microphone attached to a cable. We have incorporate everything onto a bespoke steady mobile hand held platform that also includes a 36 bulb led-lighting unit for when required. The new Osmo Mobile 2 holds a battery charge up to 12 hours and it also charges the iPhone allowing for long Facebook Live feeds. Our set-up allows us to use the newer iPhone models with better video quality: iPhone 7, iPhone 8, & iPhone X.
Editorial Filming


On assignment for Sweden's Dagens Nyheter we filmed a demonstration at Parliament Square in London about the proposed state visit to the UK by US President Donald Trump. The correspondent Erik de la Reguera from Dagens Nyheter walked around the Parliament Square and interviewed numerous demonstrators, the video was streamed live to their Facebook feed and received 18k views. We also supplied the stills photography that was published in their newspaper the next day.
Editorial Filming
4K Editorial & Feature On-Location Video
In addition we can with our Osmo+ also produce amazingly smooth and stable editorial & feature 4K video which is achievable by the camera’s gimbal 3-axis stabilisation system, perfect for when time is the essence and mobility is key. The audio is captured by using wireless hand held & lapel microphones.
Sculpture In The City
This was a fun assignment, to photograph one of the 14 artworks that were on display in the free exhibition Sculpture in the City, in the City Of London - back in 2014. Death metal band Unfathomable Ruination performed in an airtight, soundproofed small metal cube outside the Gherkin. The band were inaudible to the public but could be felt by the vibrations omitting from the cube - they left the box only when they ran out of oxygen! - blog post.
English Sparkling Wine
English wines have been winning many prestigious awards and English sparkling wine is seeing record sales. A visit to the Three Choirs Vineyard in Newent, Gloucestershire - blog post.
Cheddar Cheese
Cheddar is the most popular type of cheese in the UK, surprisingly not many people know that Cheddar Cheese derives its name from the village of Cheddar in Somerset. Only one producer of Cheddar Cheese survives in Cheddar today, the Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company and only a handful of the once 400 producers in the county of Somerset remain in business today - blog post.

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