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Corporate Headshots or Portraits – What is the difference?

The similarity between the terms a Portrait and a Headshot is subtle and the names are frequently used interchangeably.

Corporate Headshots

A Headshot is where the persons face is the primary focus of the picture and the subject is photographed showing the head and shoulders and part of the chest.

Headshots are normally taken with studio lighting using 2 or 3 light sources that eliminate any harsh shadows. The subject makes eye contact with the camera and has a slight smile for a more formal headshot and a broad smile for an informal headshot.
Various patterned or coloured backgrounds can be used however the most popular choices are plain colours such as white, grey and black as they are less distracting and the focus remains on the subject.
A white background currently remains the most popular choice as the subject can easily be digitally extracted and then copied onto different backgrounds for use in various marketing and publishing sources. A new current trend is to have headshots taken using the office as the background.

Once the lighting and background is set up we can photograph a large number of employees very quickly thus making it cost effective for companies with many employees. Our preferred manner of photographing headshots is for us to set up our studio lighting at our clients premises with the photographs taken in 1 or perhaps 2 sessions so that that our client does not have to arrange for numerous trips to a photographers studio.

Corporate Portraits

A Portrait is a photograph that portrays the person in a suitable setting that enhances and reflects the persons personality and/or company image.

Portraits are taken as half figure from the waist upwards or as full figure, various lighting techniques can be used including studio, daylight and ambient lighting.
A corporate portrait is often best taken on-location (indoors or outdoors) using a chosen setting as a backdrop that complements the subject and can even show elements of the subjects work or interests.

For the very best results a corporate portrait should be booked as a personal photo shoot giving us sufficient time given to create a series of personalised images.

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