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Zecira Musovic Professional Swedish Football Player

Zećira Mušović Is a Swedish professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Chelsea in the Women’s Super League and also for the Swedish national woman’s team. The assignment from Swedish Dagens Nyheter was to photograph Zećira for a forthcoming story about individual Swedish team players in the build up to the FIFA WORLD CUP...

Storm Eunice

Storm Eunice Newhaven Lighthouse

Storm Eunice hits the UK Storm Eunice hits the UK with a rare red weather warning. This image of Newhaven lighthouse, East Sussex, was taken early in the morning when the wind speeds were up to 80mph (34m/s). Behind The Picture I wanted to illustrate storm Eunice with a dramatic image and felt that a...

Nina Schick

Author Nina Schick It was nice to have recently met author Nina Schick on an assignment for Helsingin Sanomat. Nina’s latest book ‘Deep Fakes and the Infocalypse’ highlights the danger from the future that is here now.Advances in artificial & falsified video created by artificial intelligence allows a person in an existing video to be...

Pia Rickman

Pia Rickman Portraits An assignment for Helsingin Sanomat to photograph the portraits of Pia Rickman, Finland’s first Intimacy Coordinator. The images were to be used in an interview about her role as an Intimacy Coordinator and how intimate scenes can be carried out realistically and in a way that feels safe for everyone involved. Behind...

Mihaly Szerovay

It was nice to have met Mihály Szeróvay, an assignment for Helsingin Sanomat.Mihály a former Hungarian football player retired from playing football and moved to Finland where he took his Master’s & Doctor’s degree before becoming a University lecturer in football in Southampton. The reason for the assignment was that Mihály had just become Finlands...

Death Cafe

Death Cafe

Death Cafe Death Cafe meetings are organised by volunteers who arrange meetings for people, often strangers to each other, to meet at a local café where they can eat cake, drink tea and chat about death in an informal manner with the topics determined by attendees. According to the Death Café website there have been...

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