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Pia Rickman

Pia Rickman
Intimacy Coordinator Pia Rickman
Intimacy Coordinator
Finnish Intimacy Coordinator Pia Rickman
Acting Coach Pia Rickman

Pia Rickman Portraits

An assignment for Helsingin Sanomat to photograph the portraits of Pia Rickman, Finland’s first Intimacy Coordinator. The images were to be used in an interview about her role as an Intimacy Coordinator and how intimate scenes can be carried out realistically and in a way that feels safe for everyone involved.

Intimacy Coordinator Pia Rickman

Behind The Picture

It would have been nice to have done something a bit special with this assignment but Pia could not meet anyone due to the current lockdown & strict social distancing – plus the fact that we had nowhere to go as everywhere was closed. Difficult.

I felt that the only solution was to take some close up portraits of her that hopefully would create a sense of close proximity with her and the viewer.

We met up in her home town in Surrey and I found a quiet location that also had shade on what was a very hot sunny day. Pia was super friendly and very helpful and the photo shoot wad done in an empty church car park!

I decided to use a black back drop so all focus would be on her. Using a Profoto B10 as a hair light above her I was able to separate her from the background and I then used a 2nd B10 as the main fill in flash.

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