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Nina Schick

Author Nina Schick

It was nice to have recently met author Nina Schick on an assignment for Helsingin Sanomat.

Nina’s latest book ‘Deep Fakes and the Infocalypse’ highlights the danger from the future that is here now.
Advances in artificial & falsified video created by artificial intelligence allows a person in an existing video to be replaced with someone else’s likeness. Deepfakes mean that we can’t trust what we see or hear and where nothing can be trusted.

Behind The Scenes

Having taken Nina’s portraits I wanted to take an image that reflected the story , but how to do that in a park with limited time? The answer came to me the evening before when I remembered seeing a couple doing a photo booth picture at an event.

I asked Nina to take a self portrait of her eyes on her phone, I then asked her to flip the phone around showing the image to the camera lining it up on her face – I then took my picture. It was simple idea and I thought it worked well as an illustration to the story.

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