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Mihaly Szerovay

It was nice to have met Mihály Szeróvay, an assignment for Helsingin Sanomat.Mihály a former Hungarian football player retired from playing football and moved to Finland where he took his Master’s & Doctor’s degree before becoming a University lecturer in football in Southampton. The reason for the assignment was that Mihály had just become Finlands...

Death Cafe

Death Cafe Death Cafe meetings are organised by volunteers who arrange meetings for people, often strangers to each other, to meet at a local café where they can eat cake, drink tea and chat about death in an informal manner with the topics determined by attendees. According to the Death Café website there have been...

How to use a wireless microphone with Facebook Live

How to use a wireless microphone with Facebook Live It took some time and a lot of testing but we are pleased to announce that we have vastly improved how we can produce our editorial Facebook Live feeds and we have now incorporated a high quality omnidirectional RØDE microphone for crisp voice production – the...

Event Photo Booth for Awards Conferences Corporate Events

Event Photo Booth We are extremely pleased to announce that we can now offer our clients an event photo booth which we call the Grand Photo Booth – a magnificent original 1950’s theatre light that we have had renovated into a photo booth. The booth’s name is an acknowledgement to all the many past London...

Live Editorial Streaming Video

Live Editorial Streaming Video We are really pleased to announce that as part of our professional services to our clients we can now offer live editorial streaming video. With our Osmo+ gimbal camera we can stream editorial content to your own Facebook Live account where your followers can see your stories, events & interviews –...

Responsive Website

Responsive Website We have been busy behind the scenes these past couple of months and we are really pleased to launch our new responsive website today. Our new website is viewable on all platforms and devices and you will see a custom layout according to the device that you are using be it a tablet,...

Film Focusing using DSLR Cameras | DSLR Video Focusing Tip

Film Focusing using DSLR Cameras Having had the past benefit of reading other photographers blogs about camera equipment choices I thought I would share my own thoughts about film focusing using a DSLR camera, also my affordable setup for photographers that do not primarily use video but are required to do so on occasion. This...

Canon EOS DCS 3c

Canon EOS DCS 3c Recently I was talking with a client about digital cameras and he asked me how long I have been shooting digital… I thought about it and my answer surprised even me – 16 years. I was quite amazed that I have not used film for the past 16 years and I...

Nikon D4

The new Nikon D4 I was really pleased to pick up my new camera today the new Nikon D4 from my camera suppliers Grays of Westminster (specialist Nikon dealers). As a Nikon NPS (Nikon Profesional Services) member I was on their delivery priority scheme and I was fortunate to be amongst the first photographers in...

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