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European or British

European or BritishEuropean or British

European or British?

Just before Christmas we went to the aptly named tavern The Union to gauge what Brits feel about the EU and if they identify themselves as European or British.

According to the latest Eurobarometer survey, as many as 64% of people in the UK deny that they feel in any way ‘European’. In contrast, just 25% of people in Germany and 36% of people in France feel that way. Moreover, while people in some other European countries, such as Sweden, have become more willing to describe themselves as European over the past 20 years, there is no evidence of a similar trend in the UK.

EU countries whose citizens identify themselves based of their nationality: 64% UK | 57% Cyprus | 51% Greece | 48% Latvia | 47% Bulgaria | 36% France | 31% Sweden | 26% Netherlands | 26% Malta | 25% Germany | 17% Luxembourg.


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