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Corporate Headshots Film

Please watch our short film that shows how we can easily and conveniently photograph your Corporate Headshots.
We can photograph your headshots against a white background or add a custom background.

Corporate Headshots Portraits Chroma Key Background

Specialised Corporate Headshots using a Chroma Key Background

Chroma Key or Green Screen photography is a technique for merging two images together in which the green colour from our background is removed and replaced with a colour or image of your choice. It is the technique that allows the weather presenter on the TV to be seen in front of an image of the weather – it is often associated with film and cinema productions and is perfect for Corporate Headshots & Portraits as we can copy individual team members into a group picture against a background or image of your choice.


Corporate Headshots London

Corporate Group Shots

There is a tremendous benefit of photographing a group picture in this way and that it when a new staff member joins or when someone leaves the company we can add or take away an individual from the image without the need for the others to be photographed again.

Key Benefits of assigning us for your Corporate Group Shots

  We conveniently come to your office timing to your schedule.
✓  Your Corporate Headshots can also be used in Group Photographs.
✓  Group pictures that are created so individuals can be added or taken out of the picture.
✓  We can produce Group Pictures that show individuals in different team groups or departments.
✓  Group pictures that are created so you can choose your own background colour or image.

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