Conference Event Photography Social Media Images

Conference Event Photography Social Media Images

As we photograph your London conference or corporate event you have the possibility of posting our images to your own Twitter & Facebook timeline/news feed.

How does it work?

By utilising the conference or events WiFi we can transmit a selection of our images directly to your own event gallery that we have created for you on our website.
In the gallery via a smartphone or tablet you can select which image you would like to post and by simply tapping on the image and adding some text it will be posted directly to your own Twitter and/or Facebook timeline. If you wish you can also send images in a text message or as an email.

Who can use this service?

Any conference or event attendee that has a tablet or smartphone – which is everybody!
They must have Twitter and/or Facebook installed and to be connected online either by the events WiFi or by their mobile provider. The attendees can easily choose and post images conveniently from where they are sitting during the conference. By asking everyone to use a predetermined event #hashtag your professionally taken conference & event images will be spread across social media – not quite LIVE but with just a couple of minutes delay.