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Marcus Ericsson F1 Driver

Marcus Ericsson F1 DriverMarcus Ericsson F1 DriverMarcus Ericsson F1 Driver

Marcus Ericsson F1 Driver

I am a big fan of Formula 1 and have had the great pleasure of photographing many F1 races in Europe, so it was a fun assignment to drive to Leafield in Oxfordshire to visit the Caterham F1 Team and meet the new 2014 Swedish F1 Driver Marcus Ericsson. It was on a stretch of road in the last mile before we reached the team’s HQ that I saw a scene that I thought might perhaps work well as an image, the single country road was straight and in an odd sort of way it felt like a deserted racing track.

We were given a very interesting guided tour of the teams new premises – which is part of “motorsport valley”, the name given to the UK’s concentration of F1 teams around the South East of England. The team had recently returned from testing in Jerez, Spain and I knew there were thousands of agency images available of all the new 2014 F1 cars and drivers in action so there was little point in posing Marcus in front of a racing car of an older model from 2013 (which was at the factory). Also as this was the first Swedish F1 driver for 23 years and as this was to be published in Sweden’s largest morning newspaper it felt important for me to have an image showing Marcus the person.

We met up and he cheerfully talked about his hopes and the chance he has been given in stepping up from GP2 to F1. At the end of the interview and when it was time for the photography I mentioned to him and the team’s media agent my photo idea and to my surprise they happily agreed, so I drove Marcuss (it is not every day you drive a F1 driver around) back down the road.
The sun was now low and heavy black clouds rolled across the countryside giving a very dramatic feeling. Perfect. I set up a simple off camera Nikon flash and took my images – I felt it worked well by also leaving the flash on its tripod in the image.

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