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Are your staff working from home and you require new headshots? We have the solution: HOME HEADSHOTS

Home Headshots taken with a Smartphone when Working at Home

Smartphone Headshots while working from home

Please watch our Home Headshots video that shows how we can safely supply individuals, professionals, sole traders & companies with professional headshot photos taken on a phone whilst working from home during lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In light of the pandemic, we needed to engage a company that could provide professional headshot services online. We reached out to Earthy Photography and were contacted very quickly. Mark and his team did an outstanding job providing what we needed! Mark explained the process, pricing and provided photo guidelines that were easy to understand. Each headshot kit included a whiteboard and instructions on how to take the photos. Once staff uploaded the photos, the turnaround was very quick, usually within a day or so! We are very happy with the service and will use again in the future!”
Nikita Beatty, The Carolinas Center for Medical Excellence – 2021

“The whole Home Corporate Headshot process was surprisingly quick and really very straightforward from start to finish. If being in the same room isn’t possible, this is definitely a professional looking, socially distanced solution”
Dominic O’Shea – 2021

Home Headshot Photos taken with a Smartphone when Working at Home

6 Easy Steps For Taking Your Photos

We will send you our Headshot Kit that enables you to take headshots in the safety of your own home with a smartphone. You then send us the images and they will then go into our professional post production. We will then send you your ready images as high-resolution files.

Your final images will be perfect for Linkedin, profile images, website & PR usage. We cater for individuals & companies with many staff.

Smartphone Home Headshots


We will send you our eco friendly Background Kit.
The kit takes just 1 minute to set up. It allows for a required clutter free plain white background with the side panels bouncing back light onto the subject creating a soft, flattering light.

Guide for taking your images in the safety of your home
STEP 2 – A Photo Guide

We will send you our easy step by step PDF guide of how the photograph is to be taken.

How to take your home headshot photos with a phone
STEP 3 – The Photography

Key is that the photograph is taken by someone else such as a partner, friend or family member. The photograph can be taken with a modern smartphone, tablet or digital camera.

How to pose for your images
Step 4 – The Pose

To give you a rich choice of images for different usage 3 poses are required: Standing straight on to the camera, and then turned to the left and then turned to the right.

You can email us your headshot image directly from your smartphone
Step 5 – Send us your images

You can conveniently email us the images directly from your smartphone or use the free file-sharing transfer service from WeTransfer.

Your headshots photos will go into our professional post production
Step 6 – Our Professional Post production

Your images will go into our Professional post production, where the exposure & colour will be adjusted and corrected and blemishes removed. We have many years experience in editing images to be used on different backgrounds.


You can choose to have your Home Headshot image on a crisp white background or choose a coloured background from the hundreds of colours available from Pantone or HEX colours.
You can also choose to have your headshot image displayed on one of our 6 free office backgrounds.

Finished image with a coloured background.

Hundreds of background colours are available using Pantone or HEX colours.

Finished image with a crisp white background.

Finished image with an office background. A choice of 6 office backgrounds are available - samples below.

Home Headshot Office Background

Office Background 1

Office Background 2

Office Background 3

Office Background 4

Office Background 1

Home Headshot Office Backgrounds

Office Background 6

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