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Please watch our short film that shows how we can easily and conveniently photograph your Corporate Headshots.
We can photograph your headshots against a white background or add a custom background.


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Corporate Headshots London

Top Ten Tips on how to prepare your office and staff for their corporate & business headshots and how to make the day successful.

1) Make sure your headshot photographer knows what your requirements are – such as how many image variations per person you require, if they are to be cropped to a particular size and when you wish for the images to be ready.
2) Ask your photographer the costs for the headshot photography and what is included. Also ask if there are any other hidden costs that may be charged. An important question is to ask how much they charge to come back and setup for just one employee. Ask your photographer to send you a copy of their current valid Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance Certificates.
3) If possible book the photo session between Tuesday and Thursday as people tend to be absent on Monday’s and Friday’s. Try to book the session on a day when you already have a scheduled meeting with those personnel that are to be photographed.
4) The best time of day to book the photo session is late morning. This allows people time to make some morning calls and drink their all important morning coffee without feeling rushed. 10am – 11am is the optimal time. An afternoon session between 1pm – 3pm also works well.
5) Book the largest room you have available – which is often the conference room. The photographer needs space to work in and room to set up his equipment & lighting. Make sure that the fluorescent lighting in the ceiling can be turned off – some office lighting is run on a movement sensor and this will need to be turned off on the day.
Ask your photographer if they are willing to visit your offices prior to the photo session to check that all will be well on the day.
6) Arrange a time schedule so that people can go into the session one at a time thus giving them some privacy. Let the personnel know 10 minutes before it is their turn to be photographed so they can get themselves ready. Allow 5 minutes for each person to be photographed.
7) Consider the image that you wish to portray to your clients. The photograph that you present of yourself should also represent your company image and profile. If your company has a creative profile then perhaps a less formal photograph should be considered.
8) Consider the background colour that you would like on your headshots. White is the favourite choice. If you choose to take your headshots against a special ‘Chroma Key’ background the images can then be converted onto any coloured background (or image) of your choice.
9) The Headshots are always taken in colour and can be converted into black & white if required.
10) On the day try to be relaxed. Do not wear extremely bright colours and ladies be careful on the makeup (we have powder with us and apply a little to the men as well). The photographer will be aware that most people feel uncomfortable in front of the camera so do not worry as your photographer will guide you and show you how to pose naturally.
Visit our Corporate Headshots page to see how we photograph Corporate Headshots.

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