Corporate Video For Small Business

Corporate Video For Small Business

A short promotional film about a High Street Delicatessen

Corporate Video For Small Business

A short promotional film about a Traditional 500 year Old English Village Pub

Corporate Video For Small Businesses

With the emergence of High Definition Video into profesional DSLR cameras the cost of creating broadcasting quality HD Video to promote your business has fallen sharply and what was once the preserve of large national companies is now affordable for craftsmen, tradesmen, independent shops, sole traders and entrepreneurs.

Short Promotional Corporate Films for Websites & Social Media

Corporate Video is a proven tool for engaging and communicating with your clients on websites and social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Having a video on your website will help you to promote your business, brand, product and services.

We produce high quality affordable informative short documentary films for small businesses to stream from their own website or via YouTube and Vimeo. We can also incorporate a portrait images so that companies have the media material they require to promote their online presence to prospective clients.

A Cinematic Style

With our very latest high-end, High Definition Nikon D4 DSLR cameras with their large image sensors we can use our large array of fast interchangeable lenses that give our video productions a Cinematic storytelling style and feeling.

Key Benefits for businesses to use bespoke promotional films on their website

  A website featuring video content will achieve higher ranking on search engines.
  Consumers spend more time on website that has a promotional video.
  Prospective clients will have a greater understanding about you and your business.
  A Corporate Video conveys information quickly to your clients wherever they are.
  A compelling marketing tool that promotes your company, brand, product and services.

We can offer your company a complete Corporate Photography service