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Corporate Headshots London Coronavirus COVID-19

Corporate Headshots London Coronavirus COVID-19

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

At Earthy Photography we have in place safe practises to keep you and us safe! Enabling us to continue providing our clients with corporate headshot photography.

Social Distancing

We have always asked that the largest room such as a boardroom or meeting room is to be booked – this is now a requirement. A well-ventilated room with air conditioning is prefferd or a room with opened windows to encourage ventilation.

One person can be photographed at a time with the photographer maintaining a minimum 3m separation (indicated by using floor tape) from those that are to be photographed.


We will bring our own hand sanitiser and the photographer will wear a face covering.


We will be frequently cleaning all our equipment, cameras & lighting etc. Our equipment will be thoroughly cleaned before we visit your office.


We will not be using public transport and will arrive at your office by a regular cleaned company car.

Government Guidance

We have read and will comply with the Government Guidance for working in offices.

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