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It was a pleasant assignment to have visited AVEQIA the Swedish restaurant and cookery school in London.
Following its success in Sweden with restaurants in Stockholm & Gothenburg founded in 2009 by entrepreneur Johan Kadar and chef David Berggren the restaurant concept has now arrived in London, there are plans to open more restaurants across Europe.

Scandinavian food is currently very popular in London with restaurants opening up from Sweden, Norway & Denmark. The Scandinavia popularity is in part due to the huge success of the Stieg Larsson books and popular recent TV crime dramas including The Killing, Wallander, and The Bridge.

AVEQIA offers a unique culinary experience and is run by chefs all of whom have worked in Michelin-starred kitchens. With focus on Swedish cuisine and seasonal ingredients guests are divided into four groups and cook a four-course meal prepared under the guidance of the chefs and with focus on interactivity, socialising and having fun. When the cooking is finished the guests sit down together to eat and enjoy selected fine wines. I can personally vouch for the dinner being sublime.


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